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Volunteer for the State Tournament TODAY

ONE WEEK until the California state tournament!! Every team is REQUIRED to provide a two-hour volunteer. And, if your team cannot provide a judge for the tournament, then you are required to fulfill two volunteer slots. Now that the schedule is out, there’s no reason to delay signing up for your time. We can’t run an efficient tournament without these volunteers, so please sign up today!

Questions About State Tournament?

Check out the state website. The answers can be found under the TOURNAMENT section on the home page. If you want complete detailed information it can be found at the top right of the home page under the STATE tab.

Questions about pins, food, maps, and more can all be found under the STATE tab.

If you need a step by step be sure and check out the PowerPoint presentation by the State Director. Go to the STATE tab, pull down menu to Important Forms and Info, then click on Teams Advancing to State Overview from State Director.

Also, for advancing team coaches, emails are being sent out directly to you. These are full of important information. Worth the read.

Check It Out!

Calomer High School Seniors Scholarship Reminder

Check it High School Seniors!

Apply for scholarships that are only available to Calomers by going to the California state website and apply today if you have been in Odyssey for three years and one of those years is in high school. Due date March 1st.…/calomer-state-scholarships/

Do not have to be participating in Calomer right now, but simply have participated one year during high school.

National Odyssey of the Mind has scholarships available thru Creative Opportunities. Apply TODAY!


Calling ALL Teams!

CLARIFICATION Deadline February 15th!

Have you read that problem over and over and over? Have you read it so many times that you know the ins and outs of what the problem is all about? Have you read posted clarifications that have been posted on the national website? THEN… have you read the 2018 Program Guide to clear up any questions? If you have done that and STILL have questions it may be time for a clarification. If your team needs a CLARIFICATION you should do it NOW. The deadline is approaching fast!

CLARIFICATION Deadline February 15th!

Continue to check CLARIFICATIONS after the February 15th date as Clarifications are still posted after the submitting deadline.

Calomer Scholarships for California High School Seniors

Calomer Scholarships Program

Coaches and Division III High School Seniors:

California Odyssey of the Mind is excited to offer a scholarship program for Division III California High School Seniors. We invite participants to apply for the scholarships during their senior year of high school. The applicant must have been active on an Odyssey Team for at least three years and one of these years must have been in High School.

The deadline for applications is March 1, 2018. No exception.

The application for the scholarship online! An applicant can complete the entire process online.

Go to the following link to apply for the Calomer scholarships:

Calomer State Scholarships

All the information needed to apply can be found at this link or the applicant can go to the TEAM tab at the top of this website to find CALOMER STATE SCHOLARSHIP. Applicants that are unable to apply online can find instructions on how apply by mail at the website or email us a Scholarship Question .

P.S. Be sure and purchase your raffle tickets for the quilt at the state tournament to support this scholarship program for future Calomers.

Odyssey of the Mind 2017-18 Season Is Almost HERE

IT’S TIME!!! Register your organization TODAY!

What time is it? It is time to to get your school or organization signed up for Odyssey of the Mind. Be one of the first to have those problems in hand when they get mailed out.  There are three simple steps.

3 Steps to Paying Membership Fees:

National Membership – Step 1
Purchase a world membership from Creative Competitions, Inc.

State Membership – Step 2
Purchase a Calomer membership.

Regional Membership – Step 3
Each team competing in a Regional Tournament pays a registration fee per team.

Simply go to and complete the steps and your organization is ready to GO!

We are excited about this season and can’t wait to see what all the Calomers create. Let the creative juices flow.