State Judging

Thank you for volunteering to judge at the state level.  You truly make the experience for the Calomers that they will never forget.

Before judging at the state level you need to make sure that you have been registered at the state level by the regional director (RD).  This registration is not automatic so be sure that your RD knows you can’t wait to judge at the state level.

Again on behalf of all the Calomers, Coaches, RD’s, State Board of Directors and the State Director thank you for all that you do for the future creative minds.

General Information for the 2017 State Tournament

State Tournament UCR Map and Info 2018

UCR Parking and Drop off directions to lot 30 and 1

Calomer State Tourney Hotel Info 2018

State Tournament Food Activity Flier 2018

2018 California State Pin Set Order Form

State Tournament Officials T-shirts

State Officials and Volunteers,  if you held a position previously and received a safety cone orange official shirt please reuse your shirt at the state tournament this year.  If you have not been an official at a state tournament please wear your regional official shirt.  If you do not have any shirt contact the State Director at .

State Judge Reimbursement Form

State reimbursement is for judges that meet the requirements listed on the form and judged at the state tournament.

Reimbursement Request 

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