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Find the region for your group. The state of California is a large state and we have two separate state associations in the state. NorCal regions are North State Shasta, Redwood, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Delta, Capital Gold.    SoCal regions are South Central, L.A. Basin, (South) Coastal, and Inland Empire.

Search for your NEW Association & region by zip code:

5 Steps to get started

Five steps and your group has become a part of the world of Odyssey of the Mind.

Step 1: Generate interest in the Odyssey program. If you need more information or need assistance please contact our State Director or Regional Director of your location (can be found using the Zip Code finder above).

Step 2: Purchase a world membership from Creative Competitions, Inc. for $135.00 ( The person you identify as the membership contact receives a membership packet containing the current year’s problems, curriculum materials for teachers and the Program Guide.

Teams compete by division which is determined by the oldest team member.

Division I — Grades K-5

Division II — Grades 6-8

Division III — Grades 9-12

Division IV — Collegiate

Step 3: Purchase of a state association membership  from Calomer from NorCal or SoCal State Association directly. Purchase is  required of each membership to participate in the NorCal or Socal California Associaion Odyssey of the Mind program. The State Association Membership fee follows the same definitions of memberships as the world level.

Step 4: Each team competing in a Regional Tournament pays a registration fee per team. This fee is paid in December or January of the competition year when the team registers for the tournament.

Step 5: Get training for coaching and coordinating. All coaches are required to attend training so be sure and check this website for the coaches training in your region. This is a great way to gain knowledge and build friendships in the OM community. Register for coaches training TODAY!

Welcome and may your season be filled with creativity and wonder!