Important Forms and Info

State Advancing Coach’s Letter 2017

Advancing Team Flier 2017

Teams Advancing to State Overview from State Director  – Power Point

Each team needs to have a media release form completed by each member of the team, including coaches.  This form should have been collected by your local region and be on file. If you have any questions regarding the media release please contact your local region.

CA OotM Media Release 

CA OotM Media Release OPT OUT 

General information from the State Tournament Director

State Advancing Coach’s Letter 2017

Advancing Team Flier 2017



Hotel Information

Below you will find hotel information for the Brentwood area.  Be sure and reserve your rooms right away to assure that your team and fans have rooms close to the competition site.

Calomer State Tourney Hotel Info 2018

Pin Order Form

California State Tournament Pin Order Form 2017

Basic Driving Directions


2017 California State Tournament Schedule

The state tournament schedule will be available approximately one week before the state tournament.

State Tournament 2017-Easy Print-V3

California State Schedule FINAL Updated 3/24/2017

2017 California State Tournament Map 

Adams MS map 2017

Heritage HS map 2017

2017 State Map

California State Tournament Program

California State Tournament Program 2017



5 thoughts on “Important Forms and Info

  1. The same style, cost and team member contract forms can be used for state. This is a team decision but is okay at the state level. Be sure to bring the correct number of copies that needs to be turned to the staging judge on competition day. Four copies of its Style Form, one Cost Form, one Outside Assistance Form, and all team-specific clarifications. Also, Four copies of the team required list form for your team’s problem. This list is to assist the judges. If the team fails to provide the list, there will be no penalty; however, it benefits the team to have the lists because without them the judges might miss a scored aspect of the performance.

    Thank you for the question and congratulations to your team for advancing onto state.

  2. Can the team use a second piece of paper for the Style form? They know they can’t actually change the form, but can they expand on number 5? The font they used is so small at this point, that it is almost illegible 😉

        1. The official response from State PC is the following:

          The Style Form is to be used “as is”, so no second page.
          > Justification: Rule 14 on page 38 in the Program Guide says forms may not be altered. . . . lines may not be moved, spaces added, etc.
          > The inability to add spaces precludes adding a second page.

          The team is not allowed to add a second page.

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